A service that helps you to find contractors for small household and business tasks quickly and conveniently.

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About the project

The service is a solution created for busy people of big cities, as well as for small and medium businesses. Using the service, it’s not necessary to search and ring up all suitable contractors. You should only create a task, describing the essence, place and time of work, and also indicating the amount that you are ready to pay for this task and within a few minutes you’ll receive dozens of offers from the contractors who have already read all the details and are 100% ready to complete this task. The customer only needs to choose a contractor for himself using the rating system and reviews of previous customers. At the moment, the concept of the project is aimed at contractors in the form of automotive service centers.

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  • Cache

    Redis, memcached

  • Project Type

    Web Development

  • Project Length

    12 months

  • Skills Used

    JavaScript, Bootstrap

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